Marketplace Requirements

Submitting Information for a Marketplace Listing

We want to help you succeed, so we created this guide to ensure we have all the necessary content to properly publish your App on the Procore Marketplace. We collect the information we need from the Marketplace Listing section of your App page on the Developer Portal, and additional material you provide to our App Validation Engineer. Please ensure the content you supply for your Marketplace tile - descriptions, screenshots, video, etc. - accurately reflects the App’s core experience.

Once you have everything assembled you can log in to your Procore Developer Portal account and visit your App page to enter and submit information for your Marketplace listing. The following sections summarize the various fields found in the Marketplace Listing section of your App page. All field entries and selections are required unless otherwise noted.

App Tab

Name - The public-facing name for your App.

  • Must not infringe on a trademark or copyright for any other products or services.
  • Must be unique and be different from any other App name on the Marketplace.
  • Must not include the word Procore anywhere in the name.
  • Must be a clear and intuitive name suitable for the Marketplace.
  • Must match the Developer App Name as defined on the Developer Portal.
  • Must not contain the name of the developer, ISV, or other entity that created the App.
  • Procore makes the final determination on whether your proposed App name is acceptable.

Description - A detailed description of your App for display on the Marketplace. Similar to an ‘elevator pitch’.

  • Must not exceed 500 characters in length.

Tagline - A brief, clear, and concise (short) description of your App. Used as search text for Marketplace searches.

  • Must not exceed 40 characters in length.

Category - Corresponds to the main functionality of your App.

  • Choose the categories that apply to your App.

Note: Procore retains the right to re-assign your app to a different category if, upon review, we deem that your category choice is incorrect.

Built By - Name of the organization that developed your App. Normally, this is your company name.

About Your Company - Lets the audience get to know your company by giving them insight into your company history, experience, and expertise.

How it Works - Describes the functionality between Procore and your App and how it works from a technical point of view.

  • Must not exceed 500 characters in length.

Support Tab

Support Email - Dedicated email address for support requests.

Support Website URL - URL for the support website link for your App.

Support Website Label - Text label that displays for your support website link.

Additional Requirements - Support website must satisfy the following.

  • Detailed summary of what the core App does and how it integrates with Procore.
  • Privacy policy (in English) that details how the App will be using any third-party data.
  • Clear instructions on how to get started using the App.
  • Test account (for the internal Procore QA team only). Must be capable of testing all functions of the integration.

Recommended - More (optional) suggestions for providing the best possible support experience:

  • Display the version number of the App and the date it was last updated.
  • Host a dedicated, downloadable support article.
  • Produce and host instructional videos.
  • Allow Procore to curate and host your instructional material on our Support Site.

Features Tab

Feature (x) - Must provide descriptions of at least three features of your App. Each description must not exceed 100 characters in length.

Link URL (optional) - URL to external web content you want to include in your Marketplace listing. These can be links to user documentation, your company website, case studies, etc.

Link Label (optional) - Text label that displays for your external web link.

Required Procore Tools Tab

Procore Tools - These are the Procore tools that are required for your App to function properly.

Integration Requirments Tab

Requirement (optional) - Short descriptions of any prerequisites that must be met in order for your App to function properly. For example, product subscriptions, proper licensing, third-party systems, etc. Also, list any specific permission settings in Procore that are required to administer or use your App. For each Procore tool your App integrates with, indicate whether Read Only, Standard, or Admin permissions are required.

Media Tab

Logo - Standard logo for your App or company. Also serves as App icon.

  • Image dimensions must be 200 x 200 px with a transparent or white background.
  • Must be one of the following formats: .EPS, .SVG, .AI, or .PNG.
  • Must not resemble the Procore logo/icon (see Procore Branding Guidelines).
  • Artwork must not infringe on any trademarked or copyrighted work.

Screenshots - A minimum of three screenshots must be provided.

  • Accepted File Formats: .PNG or .JPG, .JPEG Must follow a 16:9 resolution format. (Example resolution: 1920x1080px at 72dpi)
  • Must show the App in use, and not merely title art, login page, or splashscreens.

Demo Videos (recommended) - For use on the Marketplace and Procore Support Site.

  • Accepted File Formats: .MP4 or .MOV, Minimum resolution: 720p, 24fps screen recording. Must include instructional voice over audio.
  • Video must show the App moving data in/out of Procore and describe what tools it connects with through the Procore API.
  • Please submit the actual video file or provide a download link to a file storage service for files larger than 10mb. Direct links to online videos will not be accepted.

Additional App Submission Material

In addition to the required information you provide for your Marketplace Liksting through the Developer Portal there are a number of items that you submit directly to Procore for review during the App submission and publication process. Your Procore App Validation Engineer will provide you access to a shared drive where you can upload and store these additional materials including documents, video files, imagery, or other items requested by our App Validation Engineer.

Pricing Information

  • Indicate whether your App is a free or paid integration. [Apps can have a trial period, but the integration itself cannot have a trial period. It is either free or paid.]
  • If your App requires the purchase of software, or you charge for the integration itself, then clearly indicate this in your submission.

Marketing Video

You may elect to provide an additional marketing video promoting your App and company. [same file format and technical requirements as demo videos described above.]

  • Accepted File Formats: .MP4 or .MOV, Minimum resolution: 720p, 24fps screen recording. Maximum time: 3 min

In addition to the App logo/icon you upload on the Developer Portal, you can submit a second logo, or ‘banner’ image that is not constrained by the 200x200 limitation.

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