App Versioning and Update Notification

Semantic Versioning

The applications and integrations you build on the Procore platform follow a semantic version numbering scheme. Semantic versioning involves a set of rules that guide how version numbers are assigned and incremented. Semantic versioning is beneficial as it provides meaning about the underlying application code and what has been modified from one version to the next. With semantic versioning you can keep track of how your application code evolves and manage its lifecycle.

A semantic version number takes the form X.Y.Z where X is the major version, Y is the minor version, and Z is the patch version (major.minor.patch). As you release updates to your application, version number elements are incremented depending on the type of change:

  • major - increment the major version when releasing incompatible breaking changes to the application.
  • minor - increment the minor version when adding new features to the application in a backward-compatible manner.
  • patch - increment the patch version when releasing bug fixes or other changes not directly affecting the functionality of the application.

Visit for more detailed information on semantic versioning concepts.

Here are some suggested guidelines for managing your application versions:

  • Use v0.0.1 as the initial version of your application for the development phase.
  • While in development, increment the minor and patch versions as needed for new functionality you add and defects you address.
  • Use v1.0.0 for the first general availability release of your application.
  • Increment the major version when you introduce breaking changes, otherwise increment the minor and patch versions as appropriate for backward compatible feature enhancements and bug fixes.

The version numbers for your application are managed in the App Manifest. See Create an App Manifest for additional information.

Update Notification in Procore

Whenever you release a new version of your application to production, Procore company administrators can see that an update is available and can choose to install it. Update notifications are visible in App Management in the Company Admin tool. The App Management listing for the application will dislplay an ‘Update Available’ notification.

App Update Available

See Update an Installed App for additional information.