Vapid API Deprecation

Vapid Sunset in Progress as of Feb 1, 2022

Procore API resources under the /vapid namespace were deprecated on February 1, 2021, and replaced by the new Rest v1.0 resources under the /rest namespace with a new architecture that supports versioning and expanded functionality. As of Feb 1, 2022 we have started to sunset the Vapid API. Please ensure you have fully migrated over to Rest v1.0. You may not see immediate impact, but we expect this to be completed by end of February 2022. If you have any concerns please reach out to

Migrating to Rest v1.0

Upgrading an application that currently consumes the Vapid API to use Rest v1.0 is as simple as changing the routes you are requesting. Update your integration to use Rest v1.0 resources by changing the format of the API endpoint URLs in your code to use the new namespace (/rest) and version parameter (v1.0) as shown in the example below.

We recommend testing your updated code in your development sandbox to verify that your integration will function correctly using the /rest/v1.0 resource endpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rest differ from Vapid?

Rest v1.0 is a superset of the Vapid API. All resource endpoints available in Vapid are also available in Rest v1.0 with the same functionality.

Are there new resources I can access?

Watch for notifications announcing the release of new Rest API resources.

Are there breaking changes in Rest v1.0 that I need to account for?

Rest v1.0 contains no breaking changes. Upgrading an application to use Rest v1.0 just requires changing the routes you are requesting (ex. /vapid/projects becomes /rest/v1.0/projects).

Are there any changes in how authentication is handled?

No. The authentication endpoint (ex. /oauth/authorize) remains the same in Rest, and authentication tokens are shared between both APIs.

Additional Information


For questions on the Vapid API Deprecation or guidance on migrating to Rest API v1.0, please contact the API Support Team at